Caro Clarke writer

My novels: My Home is on the Mountain

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(work in submission stage)

Eastern Tennessee, 1931
Cecilia Howison is the well-known daughter of one of the state's First Families, young, rich, and now out of place, stranded high on a mountain. She goes in search of water for her roadster and finds a girl sleeping in a meadow.

I don't want to give too much away until I can give full publication details here, but I have always been drawn to characters (and people) who discover what love gives them the strength to do, and to dare.

Being a lesbian in the world today can be tough, and it was certainly tough, and dangerous, in the 1920s and 1930s. How do you stay true to yourself when the world wants to abolish you? How do you stand on your own identity and force the world to accept your determination to be who you are? How do you face their denial, when to do so could destroy you?

These were some of the thoughts in my head as I wrote, but mostly I wanted to tell this story of these two women, because of who they are.

They meet through chance, they see something in each other that calls them to become who they want to become, and they face the opposition of a culture that does not understand — or understands all too well.

They also face the opposition of each other: two young women from very different backgrounds, with attitudes based on generations of hostility and contempt, who keep having to decide if they want to seek the other's true self.

I believe in the fearless steady gaze of lesbian at lesbian, of lesbian at the world. And I love courage.