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I am always happy to hear from my readers and my web visitors. I need to warn the latter, especially those who have read my writing advice columns, that I am not now an editor nor am I a story doctor. I am, as you may have guessed by now, a writer, and that means I write all the time, leaving me with few spare moments, so please be patient. I will answer as quickly as I can.

On that understanding, please use the following to reconstruct my email. I'm forced to do this because of evil spammers:

cc -- then the @ symbol -- and then

Yes, I know it is a pain, but it's an extra few seconds for you and saves me seeing my name on worldwide emails selling crass or illegal stuff.

You might also want to be clear in the subject line that you are contacting me about writing or my novels. A 'hello' or 'your website' or 'I really need to hear from you' subject message tends to be regarded by my spam-catcher and by me as bad, b-a-a-d email that must die, because subject lines such as these are usually followed by crass or illegal stuff.

If you don't want to email, you can always follow me on Twitter:@caroclarke. Obviously, I am briefer in Twitter format. No bad thing.