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My novels: False Fox

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Publication date: forthcoming

A desperate geste for a throne, with everything—including her heart—to lose.

Eastern Europe: 1892

Dora Drashney, adventuress, travels with a change of clothes and a sword. Now, with her aunt as chaperone, she journeys to the tiny eastern European kingdom of Hruss-Govika, to see the coronation of a distant relative.

But the king has gone missing, there is treachery afoot, and Dora is the only person, thanks to her uncanny resemblance to the king, who can protect his right to the throne until he can be found.

Many people, including his cousin, the great nobles of the land, and the queen, are happy that the king's rescue is taking more than a few days.

Dora is surrounded by enemies, facing increasing danger, and fighting against everything she has discovered she wants to live for in order to fulfil her oath of honour, even if it means death.