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My novels: My Home is on the Mountain

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You can make your life extraordinary, if you have the courage

Eastern Tennessee, 1931

Cecilia Howison is the well-known daughter of one of the state's First Families, young, rich, and now out of place, stranded high on a mountain. She goes in search of water for her roadster and finds a girl sleeping in a meadow.

Two young women from very different backgrounds meet by chance. Each sees something in each other that calls to her, and each fights through prejudices based on generations of hostility and contempt. They make each other laugh, make each other think, they make each other strive higher, seek more.

In a time and place where their desire is forbidden, it is also incandescent. But as they realise they are bound by more than passion, they are confronted by, and confront each other with, an implacable, agonizing choice.

Because finding your heart's desire means finding out how much you will sacrifice — and how much you will dare.