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My novels: The Wolf Ticket

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Europe, in the last months of WWII, was not a safe place to be. Pascale Tailland, a translator in the WAC, makes a split-second decision to rescue a stranded refugee as her unit heads out of the war zone. The young Polish refugee is a woman who has masqueraded as a man to survive the horrors or German and Russian occupation. She has become gaunt, hardened, and bleak, seeing no law in life but the law of the wolf. But Pascale draws her toward a new view of life, and the refugee, Bron, falling in love without knowing it, seizes it as a lifeline when they are torn apart.

Pascale uses every helpful person she can find to help her hunt for Bron, while Bron uses all the survival skills she has used through the war to take her further and further west, first with the help of an Army nurse and then with the help of a French prostitute shunned as a Nazi collaborator. Pascale finds a well-known American reporter, who herself gets more serious about Pascale than she means to as she helps in the hunt for Bron. A final accomplice, an upper-class WAC officer with her own agenda, brings them together, and at this point of secret danger Pascale and Bron must make a decision that will bind the rest of their lives.

Reviewers called it "diverting, unabashedly sexy" (Publishers Weekly); "has the most convincing love-at-first-sight plotline I've ever read" (Bay Area Reporter), and "Fast-paced action, finely drawn characters struggling against a backdrop of ravaged Europe, and a gripping portrayal of love in all its forms triumphing against the odds combine in a hard-to-put-down lesbian romance that ought to please mainstream crossover readers, too." (Booklist).

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