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My other publications

My first publications were (very) small press science fiction. Some science fiction fans might remember my short story The Rational Ship in Memories and Visions edited by Susanna J Sturgis (Crossing Press, 1989; now out of print).

More current writing: I have a short story, Winterreise, in The Milk of Human Kindness: Lesbian Authors Write About Mothers and Daughters, edited by Lori L. Lake (Regal Crest, 2004). I also contributed a short story to Romance for Life, edited by Lori L. Lake and Tara Young (Intaglio Publications, 2006). It is called Jo.

I write poetry as "J. P. Hollerith", although now no longer for publication, because one must choose one's last and stick to it. My published poems appear in the anthologies Beautiful Barbarians and Not for the Academy, both published by Onlywomen Press a long time ago and are now out of print, as well as in Naming the Waves, published by Virago Books in 1988 and also out of print.

cover of Memories and Visions cover of Beautiful Barbarians cover of The Milk of Human Kindness cover of Not for the Academy cover of Romance for Life