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Writing advice

You want to write a novel. That's why you're here. I wrote many of these articles for one of the leading online writers' magazines, NovelAdvice, now long deceased, based on my experience in publishing. I continue to add new ones from time to time. I hope that you will find them helpful.

Before you plunge in, please let me flag that I am not a story doctor: I do not advise on or edit individuals' work, nor do I make comments or do editorial work, for payment or for free. I am always glad to hear from anyone who has found these articles useful, or has suggestions on how they could be improved, and will even dispense words of wisdom, but please remember that my own writing does not leave me much free time.

Lastly: please respect my copyright in these articles. Even if it doesn't have the little symbol, it's still copyright. Even in the USA. If you take without asking, it's stealing. So be nice.

Articles: [Articles with emphasis are new in 2023.]